Gloria Halim's Testimonial

For the last year I've had a severe pain in my foot which happens after half an hour walking or standing. I went to my GP and a couple of podiatrists who seemed to think if I stopped wearing heels the problem would go away. Stayed off the heals for about six months, it didn't go away but instead the pain started getting worse.

I spoke to Anna about it and made an appointment to see her. During the appointment, she was very professional and took the time to feel and compare both feet to see if there was a difference and find the source of the pain. She found that a muscle in my foot which extends from the top of my ankle to the ball of my foot was very tight which was why I was getting the pain. She massaged the muscle to loosen it up which has made a tremendous difference. Though the pain has not completely disappeared, there is a vast improvement from the three sessions I've had with her and recommendations she made which I have followed. Even though there has been an improvement, she still advised me to get an x-ray to make sure that there isn't anything else going on.

Anna listened and didn't dismiss the pain as a side effect of me wearing heels, like the podiatrists did. I would gladly recommend her to family and friends anytime.

Gloria Halim - Zenon Interiors